OUTKITEL VAPE launched the world’s first PLA biodegradable disposable vape

By | December 8, 2022

Recently, the Chinese e-cigarette brand OUKITEL VAPE officially launched the world’s first PLA biodegradable disposable vape. It is becoming the world’s first brand to use PLA biodegradable material application solutions, breaking through the limitations of traditional plastics and providing a solution for recycling e-cigarettes Waste offers new ideas.

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OUKITEL VAPE was established in 2018 in China and the headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It integrates R&D, design, production, sales, and after-sales service. It is a national high-tech enterprise researching and applying electronic atomization technology.

OUKITEL VAPE adheres to the brand concept of “enjoy every puff,” strictly controls the quality, and provides users with a high-quality taste experience. PLA polylactic acid material has been used in OUKITEL VAPE’s GREE BAR, IRIS, HULK BAR, SWAN, and other products.

“Innovation should serve social benefits and take responsibility for environmental protection. In the electronic cigarette industry, OUKITEL VAPE has become the world’s first PLA biodegradable material application solution brand, which allows our electronic cigarette products to be derived from nature, Returning to nature and realizing a positive cycle.” said Qinghua Lin, CEO of OUKITEL VAPE.

As a new bio-based and renewable biodegradable material, PLA is made from starch raw materials proposed by renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.). The natural starch is saccharified to obtain glucose, fermented by glucose, and certain strains produce high-purity lactic acid. And they then synthesized polylactic acid with a specific molecular weight by chemical synthesis.

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This makes PLA an ideal green polymer material and a more environmentally friendly choice for dealing with e-cigarette waste. Traditional plastics may take centuries to decompose and eventually transfer to microplastics. Research has shown that PLA products can be completely degraded after 3-6 months under industrial composting conditions and finally degrade to carbon dioxide and water.

Polylactic acid material has good air permeability, oxygen permeability, and carbon dioxide permeability and isolates odor. Viruses and molds are easy to attach to the surface of biodegradable plastics, so there are concerns about safety and hygiene. Polylactic acid is the only biodegradable plastic with excellent antibacterial and anti-mold properties.

To ensure a smooth and soft vaping experience and restore the natural taste, OUKITEL VAPE has comprehensively compared multiple dimensions. Such as antibacterial properties, strength, chemical resistance, raw material extractability, and degradability, and is applied to electronic cigarettes. “Bacteriostatic,” “anti-mildew,” and “anti-mite” make vaping safe and healthy.

PLA is an entirely biodegradable material and one of the first renewable polymers to compete with traditional polymers in terms of performance and environmental impact! Because it emits three times less CO2 and is already on the market, PLA is suitable for making plastics compatible with the planet.

OUKITEL VAPE, the world’s first PLA biodegradable disposable vape, will be a journey of exploration of human civilization. A breakthrough has been made.

It is believed that using PLA materials will allow more and more practitioners and consumers in e-cigarette industries to practice the concept of environmental protection together so that more people will cherish and love the environment in which they live and let global Climate change become an international consensus.


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