AI Has Radically Increased Performance for Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisory (AHQA) Advisers

By | June 23, 2022

Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisory (AHQA) ( has invested in 2022 over €15 million in the development of proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms and applications.

Edinburgh – June 21, 2022 – Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisory (AHQA – recognizes the value machine learning brings to the asset management and wealth advisory space and has pledged significant resources to the research and development of proprietary AI software with focus on data cluster processing and pattern recognition.

“AHQA has been founded with sole focus on mathematical and statistical method based wealth and asset management advisory, so our recent investments in machine learning is just a continuation of what our firm has already been doing for 20 years.” – Arnault Bossard, co-founder and CEO. Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisory (AHQA) is doubling down on its commitment to enhance advisers’ capacity to identify optimal allocation solutions by investing €15 million in developing new, proprietary, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. Furthermore, the firm signed agreements with Sigma for the provision of a new onboarding and backend order processing platform. “Machine learning defines the parameters of the relationship between risks and returns associated with each asset class and trade. The AI is assessing thousands of parameters and it filters the results by paralleling them to each of our client’s investment outlook and risk tolerance. As the algorithms gather more data and feedback, the suggestions generated by it keep improving in effectiveness. We have seen incredible results and massive performance improvements across all asset classes for all our clients and with the dawn of new market types and new asset classes, we know that machine learning is indispensable to AHQA.” – Arnault Bossard, co-founder and CEO.


Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisors is a pioneer in computational finance and digital asset advisory. We represent the evolution of the archetypical investment advisory firm. Our research and investment approach adheres strictly to mathematical and statistical methods and our results and relentless dedication to excellence have placed us at the apex of alternative asset research and fiduciary advisory. Arnault Helier Quantitative Advisors provides family-office services centered on a full range of hands-on, customized asset management services to increase your financial success.

At AHQA, we believe that working alongside an adviser does not have to mean handing over control of your portfolio. Investors with a significant amount of assets simply want an extra pair of hands to give their portfolio an extra push.

With our investment advisory services, our team strategizes with our clients to make calculated investment purchases. This may include both automated and personal assistance.

Investment advisory services come in a wide range or forms and at various levels of involvement. Some investors want a holistic portfolio management style while others want to target capital assets. Whatever investment style the account holder wishes to abide by, the account decisions will be made based on how well it fits within the portfolio’s goals and time horizon. AHQA’s investment approach sits at the nexus of cryptography, game theory, network and behavioural economics, competitive strategy, computer science, early stage investing, and portfolio management.

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