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Why PR Agencies Choose NovationWire’s Distribution Platform

Hong Kong / SEAPRWire / September 09, 2021 / Many PR Agencies are switching to NovationWire’s news release platform to win the attention of their clients from a global audience. These PR/IR organizations believe that NovationWire has helped them save thousands of dollars compared with previous news release platforms. NovationWire’s high-quality distribution services help end… Read More »

BurningMoon Announces Regular Live Token Buyback and Burn Events.

Frankfurt, Germany / SEAPRWire / September 08, 2021 /– BurningMoon announces that it will continue its Live Token Buyback and Burn Events on a regular basis. Its first Buyback and Burn Event sparked wide interest among investors and a positive market response, as tokens worth over 100.000$ were bought back from the market and burned… Read More »

Ulti Arena raised $4 mln, launching their own Crypto Collectible Card Game

SINGAPORE / SEAPRWire / September 08, 2021 / Recently UltiArena Technologies Pte. Ltd. ( has announced that they achieved a new milestone. Ulti Arena is a blockchain-based project that aims to revolutionize NFT gaming space with their products: NFT Marketplace for game assets, where buyers and sellers can trade unique 2D/3D assets, music, sound, and… Read More »

ANTUSDT’s Exchange to Go Live in September

London, UK – ANTUSDT will launch its cryptocurrency exchange in September 2021 and at the same time, ANTC (Coin Shuffle) will be available for full members to subscribe to. ANTC will be available on at least one major international digital currency exchange in February 2022, which will be a major milestone in the development of… Read More »